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Consulting - Barbara Gollman, MS, RD

Recipes developed for
Watercress & Vegetarian Diets:
Vegetarianism for Everyone
B & W Waterburgers
Watercress & spinach patties with
ricotta and mozzarella cheese
Watercress & Watermelon Salad
A light and refreshing antioxidant-packed combination!
Watercress Manicotti
A sneaky way to get your greens – crammed into a rich, cheesy pasta filling, covered with tomato sauce and Parmesan.
Sauteed Watercress with Pine Nuts and Dried Fruit
Serve this as a side dish, mix into a salad or yogurt
and use as a vegan main dish.


Recipes developed for the
National Sunflower Association
Artichoke Sunflower Dip
Carrot-Cardamom Muffins
Greek Stuffed Peppers
Sunflower and Dried Cranberry Pralines
Strawberry Cream Tart with Crunchy Sunflower Crust


Recipes developed for the
American Heart Association
Halibut with Horseradish and Herbs
Sea Scallops with Snow Peas
Quinoa and Lentils a la Grecque
Lemon Meringue Kisses


Recipes developed for the
American Institute for Cancer Research
Roasted Garlic and Shallot Sauce
Baked Sweet Potato Soup
Lemon and Caper Sauce




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